I Wasn’t Fighting This Disease Alone


When I first started working with Paula back in 2017 my health was in complete crisis. With Paula’s advice and support I have been able to learn how to control the severe inflammatory bowel disease that I have suffered with since I was 21 through diet, supplementation and other lifestyle changes. Most importantly for me, all of this without the use of the heavy drugs or surgery my hospital consultant suggested. Paula is empathetic, knowledgeable, resourceful and kind. To know that I wasn’t fighting this disease alone meant the world to me. In 2017 I was housebound and in severe pain, I needed my family to look after me and to care for my daughter -now I can be the mother, wife, daughter and friend I would like to be -I work, I exercise, I dance! I literally have a life again. Thank you’ 🙂


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Meet Paula

Paula is a functional nutritionist with over 14 years of professional experience.

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