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Maybe you think you have hormone imbalance, perhaps you have symptoms with a diagnosis but struggling to manage. Tired of trying to ‘just get on with it’? 

Peri-Menopause and Menopause

Irregular periods, hot flashes, sleep problems, facial hair, fatigue, loss of sex drive, mood changes, and weight gain.

cyclical hormone related symptoms

Mood swings, food cravings, problems with sleep, migraines, constipation and poor concentration.

Irregular menstrual cycle

Can't predict them, duration of menstruation changes and the flow changes from heavy to spotting.

Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

Increased urination with or without urgency, sensation of pressure, pain, and burning.

Client Stories

A revolutionary Hormone Test


Testing is the beginning of the discovery process. The data gathered can help connect dots and lead toward personalised dietary, supplement and lifestyle action facilitating symptom relief and ultimately the optimisation of your health.

science-backed Hormone test

DUTCH is an acronym for Dry Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. By collecting urine samples using filter paper 4-5x throughout a day in addition to a saliva collection, we gain insight into your hormone profile unavailable via blood testing. We can see your profile of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone plus adrenal hormones DHEA/s, cortisol and cortisone, melatonin, 8 other organic acid markers and oxidative stress. By collecting samples throughout the day, we gain patterns and shifts. This test is more comprehensive than a blood or saliva test alone.

Your symptoms are signals

symptoms you may be experiencing

This is not an extensive list, but it’s a list of frequent complaints of Paula’s clients. Are you experiencing these things? They are signaling that something is out of balance and we need to find the culprit.

Analysing the Causes

Your Body's balancing act

The human body is viewed as a complex and integrated system working hard to maintain balance. When the body is relatively balanced, we have vitality and health. When health is compromised, we develop symptoms that signal to us that something is out of balance. Functional medicine practitioners have an integral understanding of this systemic interplay; meaning, that one condition can influence or precipitate another.

Finding your solution is contingent upon finding what is out of balance and causing a domino effect of symptoms. We consider all of the things on the graphic as potential factors and/or contributors to your current health status.

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15 Minute Discovery Call

I’ll be sure to answer all of your questions, so you feel confident in taking next steps

Initial Consultation

This in-depth, interactive process helps uncover best dietary action, test choice and lifestyle recommendations.

Implement Plan + Tests

You'll begin an initial plan and get tests done that are chosen based on your unique needs.

Follow up + Results

We’ll discuss programme progress, dietary compliance, plus test results. I will fine tune your programme in line with your test outcome. Continued client care will follow.

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Schedule a 15-Minute Consultation

I’m sure you have questions. This 15-minute consultation is free and allows you to ask any unanswered questions before we begin.

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