functional medicine approach

Frustrated with unresolved symptoms?

Functional Medicine: Finding the cause

Many people find themselves here when they have tried everything to improve their health without success. IBS, SIBO, IBD, Reflux, Stress, Perimenopause, Menopause, symptoms remain unresolved. Your diagnosis does not have to be your destiny. Functional medicine can help.

What is functional medicine?

Through the holistic lens of Functional Medicine the human body is viewed as a complex integrated system, focus placed on identifying the root cause of disease and illness. One condition may have many causes. And likewise, one cause may create many conditions.  For example, chronic gastrointestinal illness can subsequently influence emotional wellbeing, sleep, hormone balance, histamine and allergic response. Transforming gastrointestinal health may begin to reverse additional health challenges. Equally, additional health challenges may play a major role in sustaining gastrointestinal illness. Many people find working with this integrative approach helps them get to the bottom of perplexing problems that may have eluded them and other clinicians for years.

Analysing the Causes

Your Body's
Balancing Act

The human body is viewed as a complex and integrated system working hard to maintain balance. When the body is relatively balanced, we have vitality and health. When health is compromised, we develop symptoms that signal to us that something is out of balance. Functional medicine practitioners have an integral understanding of this systemic interplay; meaning, that one condition can influence or precipitate another.

Finding your solution is contingent upon finding what is out of balance and causing a domino effect of symptoms. We consider all of the things on the graphic as potential factors and/or contributors to your current health status.

Finding your answer

Embracing functional medicine

consultation process

Together, we begin with this in-depth and non-judgmental discovery process. Through asking key questions and listening to the finer details of your responses, we begin identifying key players in your health puzzle.

dietary plan + resources

You'll be provided with appropriate and personalised dietary recommendations. Resources will be given to support you in the implementation of the plan. Plans are tweaked and adjusted along the way.


Identification and discussion of your best test options will come from our in-depth consultation process. The test recommendations are informed by deep questioning and narrowing down your best options to uncover the root cause.


The supplemental recommendations may wait until test results are received. However, some supplements may be recommended up front to help manage symptoms and begin the healing process.

Written Summaries

Everything discussed in our consultations is summarised in writing for review. Action items will be clearly articulated along with education to support your customised plan.

Consistent Client Care

It doesn't end with a plan or list of recommendations. Your healing is a journey requiring consistent care and guidance. You'll be supported all the way through.

What to Expect

Your Next Steps

Step 1

15 Minute Discovery Call

I’ll be sure to answer all of your questions, so you feel confident in taking next steps.

Step 2

Initial Consultation

This in-depth, interactive process helps uncover best dietary action, test choice and lifestyle recommendations.

Step 3

Initial Protocol + Testing

You’ll begin an initial plan derived from gathering information during the consultation. Specific tests will be discussed and chosen based on your unique needs.

Step 4

Follow Up + Adjustments

We’ll discuss programme progress, dietary compliance, plus test results. I will fine tune your programme in line with your test outcome. Continued client care will follow.

Let's Find your Answer

Schedule a 15 -Minute Consultation

I’m sure you have questions. This 15-minute consultation is free and allows you to ask any unanswered questions before we begin.