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With over 14 years of professional experience, I have a wealth of evidence based, clinical knowledge and expertise. Along with personal insight, I am uniquely positioned to assess and address life changing health challenges and chronic ill health.  

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It’s not just a diet. It’s not just a one-size fits all program. It’s not just a supplemental plan that ‘might’ support your healing. Nutritional therapy IS bespoke personalised dietary intervention bringing the return to health and wellness you are searching for and deserve. 

A Functional Medicine Approach

Using the Functional Medicine framework allows the work of a Nutritional Therapist to understand and identify the root cause of illness thus modify diet based on targeted needs. A registered Nutritional Therapist is not simply addressing symptoms, but seeking to uncover what is driving them.  Once the drivers are discovered, the tailored action plan can begin addressing the unique needs of an individual. Symptom reversal and optimal health is possible through Nutritional Therapy.

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I needed answers: Functional Medicine

My working career began as a professional dancer, dance teacher and later Pilates instructor. In my early twenties, I experienced a sudden, unexpected decline in health. This resulted in persistent chronic symptoms including systemic muscular pain, digestive issues, chronic fatigue and debilitating arthritis of no obvious cause. After several years of hospital visits and relentless tests, I was diagnosed with M.E./CFS at age 27. To my relief, I had a diagnosis, but to my distress, conventional medicine offered limited understanding and no intervention. In seeking to manage my own health, I developed an interest in nutrition and its ability to influence health and wellbeing. My interest developed further throughout pregnancy & following my father’s diagnosis of stage 4 bowel cancer at just 49 years of age.

Here’s the good news, positive health changes are possible. Through functional medicine and nutrition, I was able to return to the dance studio in 2012. In December 2017, we celebrated my Father’s 70th birthday alongside my son’s 18th.

Positive health changes are possible. I’d love to help.

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