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The Process

15 Minute Discovery Call

I’ll be sure to answer all of your questions, so you feel confident in taking next steps.

Initial Consultation

This in-depth, interactive process helps uncover best dietary action, test choice and lifestyle recommendations.

Implement Plan + Tests

You'll begin an initial plan and get tests done that are chosen based on your unique needs.

Follow up + Results

We’ll discuss programme progress, dietary compliance, plus test results. I will fine tune your programme in line with your test outcome. Continued client care will follow.

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60 minutes consultations £230

90 minutes consultations £345 (complex cases or multiple tests for discussion)

Personalised Packages are available upon request

Fees include consultation time plus additional time spent reviewing client paperwork, report writing post consultation, interpreting test results, building supplement programmes, dietary resources/E-cookbooks/recipes and factsheets to support application of recommendations. 

I often suggest budgeting for a minimum of 3 consultations.

I can very quickly evaluate this in a 15-minute free call. On the odd occasion I may refer on. If I don’t feel I am the correct Practitioner for you or I know of a colleague whose expertise is more specialist to your needs, I will be open and transparent about this.  

I am currently working via Zoom, allowing for national and international clients. Early 2023 I aim is to return to face-to-face clinic in central London whilst continuing Zoom sessions.

It’s the ‘how long is a piece of string’ question! Sadly, I don’t have a definitive answer to this question.  Many factors influence progress such as poor programme compliance, stress load, life changes such as loss, bereavement, additional sickness etc.  I aim to manage expectation and support whatever additional challenges life throws into the mix. 

It’s possible. It depends on what information and data is gathered in discovery. More than one test is not always needed.

I do appreciate we lead busy lives and circumstances can lead to schedule change but kindly request a 48-hour notice period to avoid the consultation cancellation fee of 50%. Last minute cancellations or now shows may be charged in full. 

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