Nutritional Therapy

Specialising in assessing and addressing gut health and women’s health issues.

Is This Happening to You?

Gut Health Issues

Your gut is in turmoil. Perhaps you are struggling to find symptom relief and resolve. Your diagnosis and/or your symptoms are disrupting your life and you need to find solutions.

Women's Health Issues

Your hormonal symptoms are dominating and feel unmanageable. You are struggling to accept this is ‘your hormonal destiny’ or suffered as ‘part of aging’. There must be a way to resolve. 

there is good news

restoring health
is possible

Are you feeling defeated in all your efforts to resolve your symptoms and discomfort? You’ve wondered if this health issue is a forever sentence. You’ve applied all the traditional approaches to address your symptoms with limited success. You’ve trawled the internet uncovering conflicting recommendations and diets that bring despair. I work with people just like you. Your body is a complex integrated system, working hard to maintain balance, vitality and health. Symptoms are the bodies way of communicating discord and imbalance. To ascertain what’s driving the discord we need to unravel elusive contributing factors to your health challenges and symptoms. Together, we will explore your historical health and current health, dietary intake and lifestyle. With the help of in-depth functional testing and discovery, we will begin to identify elements influencing your health, previously missing. This powerful combination leads to targeted decision making, bespoke recommendations and return to wellness.

Get REal Answers

Science Based Tests to Find the Problem

Your bloodwork may say “normal”, but you are still having problems. You feel like you’ve gone through all possible testing and you’ve come to the end of the line without answers. Tests that are traditionally performed may be just the start. There are many, many functional test options that may help uncover illusive components of your health issues. Functional testing can be the start to finding where the real answers begin.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Have gut issues? This test uses 3 types of detection and gives insight into the environment of the large intestine. It can assess beneficial bacteria, identify pathogenic bacteria, yeast, parasites, worms, carbohydrate malabsorption, pancreatic insufficiency, immune dysregulation, and more.


A large percentage of IBS people may have unidentified SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.  This test is a 3 hour breath test helping to identify bacterial overgrowth running through small intestines. Gases are produced by bacteria fermenting in the gut and then are expelled through breathing.


From a urine collection, we can look at 76 markers which will give us a very thorough and comprehensive snapshot of blocks in metabolism.

Revolutionary Hormone Test


DUTCH is an acronym for Dry Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. By collecting urine samples using filter paper 4-5x throughout a day in addition to a saliva collection, we gain insight into your hormone profile unavailable via blood testing. 

We can see your profile of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone plus adrenal hormones including DHEA/s, cortisol, cortisone and melatonin, 8 organic acid markers, and oxidative stress. By sample collecting throughout the day, we gain patterns and shifts. This test is more comprehensive than a blood or saliva test alone.

Finding your answer

Embracing Functional Medicine

consultation process

Together, we begin with this in-depth and non-judgmental discovery process. Through asking key questions and listening to the finer details of your responses, we begin identifying key players in your health puzzle.

dietary plan + resources

You'll be provided with appropriate and personalised dietary recommendations. Resources will be given to support you in the implementation of the plan. Plans are tweaked and adjusted along the way.


Identification and discussion of your best test options will come from our in-depth consultation process. The test recommendations are informed by deep questioning and narrowing down your best options to uncover the root cause.


The supplemental recommendations may wait until test results are received. However, some supplements may be recommended up front to help manage symptoms and begin the healing process.

written summaries

Everything discussed in our consultations is summarised in writing for review. Action items will be clearly articulated along with education to support your customised plan.

consistent client care

It doesn't end with a plan or list of recommendations. Your healing is a journey requiring consistent care and guidance. You'll be supported all the way through.

Let's Find your Answer

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