I am a Different Person


I was diagnosed as coeliac 8 years ago but despite following a very strict gluten free diet I never felt any better. I was skeptical that changing my diet /lifestyle would work for me. It took a good few months until I started to feel any improvement and I felt lucky that I had regular updates with Paula. Two years on I am a different person and what a relief that is. Paula has been incredible support; she realises that it’s difficult to make huge changes when you feel unwell physically and mentally. She also gave me a bit of a talking to when I needed it, keeping me on the right track when I thought that the new regime really wasn’t working for me! She explained that this was a long process as I had been unwell for such a long time that it was going to take quite a while to put me right. Paula still sends me an email now and again to just check all’s ok, I can’t thank her enough for her care and compassion and her professionalism.


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Meet Paula

Paula is a functional nutritionist with over 14 years of professional experience.

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