Paula is My Rock!


I started seeing Paula in Lockdown to treat a lifelong struggle with psoriasis that had escalated to my face. We have been on a journey together over the last 2 years and I have to say, although I’ve seen several doctors over the years both conventional and holistic, Paula is the one I have learnt to trust and who has made the difference.

I came to her with a gut microbiome test result that I didn’t understand and she analysed the test data and asked questions about my history, diet, food cravings, sleep, stress and lifestyle. She identified potential leaky gut and advised a gluten and dairy free diet as well as supplements to help protect heal and repair my gut and at the same time guided me to look at stress and sleep. My psoriasis has now cleared and along the way it has cured other ailments that I didn’t even realise were related such as stiff joints, fatigue, mental fog, ADHD cold hands and feet, food cravings, emotional fragility.

Paula is my rock! It’s been tough to change eating habits and lifestyle and when you have an autoimmune disease it’s easy to go on the Internet and end up going up blind alleys. Paula brings me back to the path. Shes’s very clear and direct and I’m always left motivated and feeling confident even when I’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ so to speak.

I also totally trust Paula’s advice on supplements as they are always well-considered and researched and I have felt my health improve every step of the way.

Paula is also a very conscientious therapist. She never orders tests that are unnecessary or costly but does have an uncanny skill for interpreting symptoms and pinpointing causes without tests, and then if I do ask for test’s it always goes on to prove her right!

If you have an autoimmune and you need to make lifestyle changes the bottom line is that you need someone you can trust and I wholeheartedly recommend Paula to be that person!


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    Meet Paula

    Paula is a functional nutritionist with over 14 years of professional experience.

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